Workshops by Prasad Rangnekar in Munich

Cultivating Body-Mind-Life effortlessness

Prasad Rangnekar is a E-RYT 500 Yoga educator based in Mumbai, India who teaches Yoga as a science of Mind, Body, Life transformation over last 27 years across the globe. For Prasad, Yoga is more than a pursuit of poses, it is a process of breaking free from our fundamental mind-body limitations to realize who we truly are. With this aim he guides people to transform themselves and inspire others. He is the Founder-Director of Yogaprasad Institute and conducts Yoga Teacher Trainings, mentorship sessions, retreats and workshops to spread the wisdom of Yoga in its traditional sense.

Prasad started sharing the wisdom of Yoga in India in 1994, and internationally in 2003. He is Leilas teacher and friend since 2008.

Prasad deeply believes that Yoga is for every-body and should be inclusive. He believes in power of the collective and has been instrumental in creating and guiding Yoga Communities (Sangha) Groups around the world, from Hong Kong to Lithuania.

Prasad Rangnekar started his yoga explorations at age of 9 with his first asana class. Finding his first asana class “familiar,” he explored the width and depth of yoga initially with his mother and in later ages with different teachers and schools across India. Yoga grew on him and he grew with yoga. A third generation educator, Prasad deeply believes that education is the key to transforming hearts, mind and societies.

KYWI is really proud to host such a great Yogi Master in Munich.

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